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My Favorite Children's Books Pt. 1

Hi, it's Marissa here!

You may know me from seeing me on Mom's social media pages, listening to my podcast episode with Mom, in real life, or are just finding us now. However you found this blog post, I want to give you a warm welcome!

I have many special memories of reading with my mom as I grew up. I'd like to share some of the most memorable books. Of course, I have read many books since I first read these, but there’s just something so special about the books you had when you were small.

If you’re looking for some quality one on one time with your little ones, a wonderful place to begin is picking up a good book, snuggling up together, and begin a story that you can share with each other. After picking out these books, I found each represents love in wonderful ways: Have You Got My Purr? This is a sweet reminder of the unbreakable bond between a mother and child. I remember the way I loved hearing Mom change her voice for all of the characters. Plus, the illustrated animals are absolutely adorable.

My Little Girl My grandmother gave me this book when I was five, and it has been on my bookshelf ever since. This book is filled with adorable animals and some of the cutest artwork, but most importantly, this story paints a beautiful picture of a father/daughter relationship.

The Princess and the Three Knights

This picture book truly touched me at a young age, and it is still dear to me. Not only is the elegant artwork absolutely stunning, but the message Kingsbury portrays is a priceless lesson for your princes and princesses.

Mom and I spent plenty of time in the library when I was younger. She carried a large book bag that held all of the books we had checked out to our car, then when we returned home we would sit the bag full of stories with brightly-colored pages right by our comfy couch and snuggle up together. Mom and I spent hours upon hours reading through these stories, many read over and over. One of my favorite parts of our time together was when we discovered new books with beautiful artwork that inspired me.

Remember that time when you were a child and were able to look at children's books filled with sweet animals and nature scenes. Life was filled with sweet simplicity, and it still can be. If I hadn’t been immersed with creativity from these kinds of sweet stories, I may not have the same perspective or brand mission for Melane & Co. Creating prints, cards, and custom pet portraits for you and your family to be surrounded with that simple, inspiring innocence of a child is our mission.

We can each be inspired from the special moments, stories, and people in our lives. Reading with the little ones you love includes all three.

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