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Purposed Parent/Connected Child Podcast - Episode 039 - How to Stop, Breathe, and Live Simply

Purposed Parent/Connected Child Podcast - Episode 039 - How to Stop, Breathe, and Live Simply

Welcome to the Terri Hitt – Purposed Parent/Connected Child Podcast

God has given me a desire to help you mature your relationship with Christ so you’ll raise set-apart children for Jesus. Today we’ll look at another way to be purposed in connecting with your child and Christ.

Episode #039 – How to Stop, Breathe, and Live Simply

Yesterday my middle daughter and I went to the bank late in the afternoon. As we waited in the drive-through, I looked at her and asked, “When we finished here, do you want to go to the park and swing?” Her eyes lit up like they did when she was 6 years old and I would ask the same question. “Really?” she asked. “Yes!” I replied quickly.

We had so much fun. We swinged with our legs in sync with each other, pumped as hard and high as we could go, and twisted the swings sideways, twisting the chains tightly, then letting go and getting dizzy as we unwound. We had the park to ourselves and we reveled in the simple sweetness of spending time together outside with absolutely no cares. I have always stated that people would be happier and exhibit more joy if they took time to be in nature and enjoy activities like swinging and coloring. We left when children arrived with their mother, allowing them to take control of the swings, but that time we had alone in the park brought back such sweet memories of the many, many times we spent there as my girl grew up. Just as with other “last times” in our lives, I never knew the last time I took her to that park would be the final time she would run and play with the carefree life of a young girl. It felt so good to go back and enjoy that feeling together.

When is the last time you took time to stop, breathe, and live simply? How regularly do you step outside to listen to the birds sing? Have you recently explored wooded trails or searched for insects to study in your backyard? Being so connected to nature is one of the ways to connect closer to God. I believe being outside allows our mind to connect with His love, creativity, passions, and longings. Our muscles unwind and relax, and out attitudes become softer. After all, we were created to be outdoors attuned to His creation.

Philippians 4:12 says, “I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want.”

Sharing time in nature with our children, no matter their age, brings connection.

Chores and jobs cease to exist for a time. Problems or concerns drift away as we experience freedom and fullness. Of course, you create connection with your child with any activity you do. There is just something special about fueling your body in nature. Spending time surrounded by the creations of God together, recognizing Him and His glory simply adds a special bond and beauty to your relationship.

If you are a regular listener of this podcast or the “Live With Eternal Perspective” podcast, I have explained in previous episodes that I am taking time to fully enjoy summer. I plan to rerun some popular podcasts and create shorter new ones. It is my hope that you are outside with your family or are spending time relaxing and living simply with them. I hope you are allowing yourself to build what needs to be completed and are stopping to breathe in the sweet time you have with those closest to you and those you wish to be closer to.

Make the time. Stop and enjoy life. Enjoy nature. Enjoy each other and praise the Fahter.You will be glad you did.

Dear Heavenly Father, You are the One we need to make the most time for. You alone are the One who complete us, who created us for a purpose at this very time. We thank you for the gift of life and the gift of Christ. Help us to seek Him daily and allow a transformation of our soul to match His with a clarity seen by those around us. Please carry us and allow us to shine in new ways daily because we so clearly reflect You. Help us to make the time to pursue You and to show You clearly to our children. In the precious name of Jesus we pray. Amen.

Thank you for listening to the “Purposed Parent/Connected Child” podcast. This summer the episodes will be shorter and I may occasionally offer favorite replays as I spend time with my family and follow a special collective I believe God is calling me to complete for Him.

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Remember, if we are not purposed in knowing Jesus ourselves and showing Him to the next generation, the world will sway them away from Christ. I pray that what you hear on this podcast draws you nearer to God and helps you cling to Him, despite any circumstances in your life. Until next week, keep looking Up while focusing on new ways to Parent and Connect With Eternal Perspective.

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