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I'm truly glad you're resting here.

If you desire to parent with godly purpose

and strong connection,

you've found the right place.

I want to remind you that

You were chosen

by God to parent the children He entrusted to you

in this moment of time.

I understand that

most mothers yearn to develop a close bond

with their children so desperately!

But they don't quite know how

to do so in ways that honor Christ.

Motherhood is hard!

Let's just admit that

every moment can be a challenge.

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One of the hardest aspects of parenting is

making sure we don't "mess our kids up."

Society is making our job more difficult.

Culture is confusing the minds of our children.

Do you long to find a way to raise

your children to have a godly heart

and be set-apart in this age

that is contrary to everything

Christ deeply desires for them?

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a mom of four who raised my children in two “sets,”

and over two generations, allowing me a unique perspective about parenting.


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I've been the youngest mother and now I'm the oldest mother. What styles and methods work

and which don't were discovered the hard way while raising two sets of children.

One thing that has always been important to me is connecting with each of my children

individually as I parented them.

Would you like to nurture strong relationships
that will last for eternity?

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As I've matured, I've gained clarity

and developed a plan.

I had to discover what I wanted the future to look like for myself,

my family, and my children.

Then I prayerfully worked backwards

and implemented intentional steps.

Remember, I've been the youngest mother with no experience,

hoping I made the right choices,

often parenting the way I was raised

or the way others told me to.

​​I’ve also been the oldest mother who learned to let God carry me as I parented the individual children He called to be mine.​ Once I strengthened my security and identity through Jesus, I gained His desire to pursue godly parenting with a craving for Christ for myself & my children.

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Now I equip women to

choose Christ over culture

and parent with confidence & connection.

I can help you move

from frustrated to fulfilled

and show you how to build

godly strength

in yourself and your children.

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Let me ask...

Are you unsure how to

parent your children in this

culture of confusion?

​Is fear or insecurity

keeping you from seeking more?

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I remember when I felt the same way.

​​Do you wish your children would stop following what society or culture dictates?


​It is such a worrisome place to live.

Would you like an experienced mom 

to guide you as you raise your children with a purposed heart for Jesus

​I'm a home schooling mama who has suffered the loss of my oldest child and my parents. I also hold the privilege

of raising a beautiful daughter with unique medical needs.

I know life can be incredibly hard.

I've survived challenging hardships, too.

They don't have to drag you down

and they don't define you.

My greatest joys have come through

relying on Jesus and following where He leads.

Then helping others do the same.

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Because if you and I don't

intentionally raise our children for Jesus,

the world will sway them away.


I can help you live with a focus beyond this world

and experience deep joy and attachment

with your child and Jesus

beginning now.

You can live with an eternal perspective

that allows you to parent with confidence & connection

and move from frustrated to fulfilled.

Book a 30-minute 

complimentary coaching call

by contacting me below.

I look forward to talking with you.

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We'll connect soon!

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