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Live With Eternal Perspective

Live With Eternal Perspective by Terri Hitt

Purposed Parent Connected Child

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Purposed Parent Connected Child Podcast by Terri Hitt
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Terri Hitt Purposed Parent Connected Child

Do you desire to stop reacting in the moment and parent with purpose? Are you ready for a deeper connection with Christ and your child? Purposed Parent/Connected Child episodes focus on educating and equipping you to recognize the unique individual God entrusted to you and will empower you to partner with Him to parent with eternal perspective.

Terri Hitt Parenting Coach and Marissa Hitt mother-daughter team
Terri Hitt motherhood parenting coach and Marissa Hitt with family
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Live With Eternal Perpsective Podcast
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Terri Hitt Christian parenting coach

Are you in need of hope? Is your spirit lacking joy? Do you seek peace? Are you tired of comparison? The Live With Eternal Perspective podcast was created for women to sharpen their understanding of Jesus and uncover all He desires for us to live a rich life and deepen our love for Him. Uncover how eternal perspective extends beyond our personal walk. Cling to the truth that Jesus has a unique plan for your life and learn how to choose Him over culture. Future episodes will continue to emphasize an intentional, eternal perspective lifestyle while focusing on faith, life, relationships, parenting, and simply sitting at the feet of Jesus to mature our hearts in genuine worship and gratitude.



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