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Live With Eternal Perspective Podcast Episode 106 Finding Refuge Under God's Wings - Interview with Jennifer Stone

Live With Eternal Perspective Podcast Episode 106 Finding Refuge Under God's Wings - Interview with Jennifer Stone

Welcome to the Terri Hitt – Live With Eternal Perspective Podcast
Episode #106 – Finding Refuge Under God’s Wings - Interview with Jennifer Stone

Thank you for entrusting and investing your precious time with me to grow in Jesus together. I am blessed to be back with you to discuss more ways to live with eternal perspective.
Psalm 91:4 says, “He will cover you with His feathers; under His wings you will find refuge; His faithfulness is a shield and rampart.” Another version of the same scripture verse translates the words like this, “He will cover you with his feathers. He will shelter you with his wings. His faithful promises are your armor and protection.”

Recently, I interviewed Alex Stone, a young man on a mission to see lives changed by the Gospel. If you haven’t heard our conversation yet, I urge you to listen to podcast episode 104 to hear the genuine passion, encouragement, and truths Alex shares. As Alex and I spoke after the recording of our conversation stopped, he told he that he thought his mother would be an excellent person for me to talk to on the Live With Eternal Perspective podcast. Alex connected us and after a beautiful, heartfelt conversation with his mother, Jennifer, we set a time to record an interview, which is the episode I now present. So, thanks to Alex, I have the pleasure of introducing you to his mother, Jennifer, who deeply loves the Lord and longs to stay beneath the shelter of His wings, and equips others to do the same.

Jennifer Stone has been married to Jeff for 20 years. Together, they have four children. They also have two international daughters through hosting the girls as exchange students. Jennifer’s greatest desire is that her children walk in truth and in relationship with God. Growing up, she learned the power of prayer from the example her parents mentored for her, and she desires for others to know how life-changing spending time talking with, and listening for, God can be. Jennifer has a heart for women and developing relationships centered around Jesus. She and her husband, Jeff are involved with discipling other couples, and in addition, Jennifer leads women individually and in small groups through discipleship and Bible study.

When I spoke with Jennifer, I recognized her deep desire for God and her understanding of His word and truths. I knew she would be an excellent mentor on the podcast for sharing encouragement to stay the course or begin a new relationship with Jesus, as well as easily sharing practical tips for being in the word and applying it in our daily life.

Today we will discuss areas where women tend to struggle, how to be encouraged by God’s word, biblical tips for couples and parents, peace and joy, and of course how to live with an eternal perspective by keeping our eyes, minds, and heart fixed on Jesus.


My hope is that you enjoyed the practical tips and the scripture Jennifer shares today. Her heart for serving and honoring Jesus and helping others to do the same is authentic and I’m thankful for the service she openly gives for Jesus and others.

Each of us has the opportunity to choose to devote our heart to the Lord and find ways to honor and please Him with the life we have been given. My prayer is that the tips and verses we discussed today are impressed on every heart and will fuel each of us to be bolder in our testimonies and more faithful in our journey with Jesus daily.

Precious Heavenly Father, how great You are! You adorn Yourself with majesty and splendor, and clothe yourself with honor and glory. There is none like You. May our minds and mouths be filled with Your praise and with Your splendor all day long. Thank you for sending us Your Son and Your Holy word so that we may know you, be mentored by You, and know the ways You desire us to live. You gift us with so much that we frequently do not recognize or that we ignorantly take for granted. Purify our hearts so that we desire You more deeply and see You more clearly. Help us to honor and please You more each moment as we turn to You and crave You over culture and over selfish desires. May we continue to grow in and through You and become a new creation with Your mercies every morning. Help us to seek You and find the refuge we long for and desperately need beneath your wings as we allow You, encourage You, to cover us with Your feathers. Help us long for Your loving, perfect care, and provision. In the precious name of Jesus we pray. Amen.

Thank you for listening. If you find value in what you hear, I invite you to help others find the podcast. Please share Live With Eternal Perspective episodes with friends and family so that they can begin to listen each week.

I’m very excited to share that my second podcast, “Purposed Parent/Connected Child” will release February 3. I hope you will listen and share with friends or family who would like to choose Christ over culture and parent (or be a grandparent) who connects with eternal purpose. You can find more details on my website at Remember, if we are not purposed in knowing Jesus ourselves and showing Him to the next generation, the world will direct them away from Christ.

I pray this podcast draws you nearer to God and helps you cling to Him, despite any circumstances in your life. Until next week, keep looking Up while focusing on new ways to Live With Eternal Perspective.

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