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Updated: Oct 15, 2020

What labels do you carry? What words thrown at you when you were young still stick in your mind?

Do you carry hateful or uncaring sentences uttered by your partner? Do frustrated actions from your child cause you to doubt your worth?

Maybe you are tormented by voices in your mind carrying memories or thoughts that shaped what you believe about life and yourself. Or maybe difficult or terrifying acts you have seen or that have been committed against you haunt your thoughts or dreams.

No matter what triggers or scares you, if it comes from this world, it is false.

Let’s call them what they really are: lies. Lies come from one source. It isn’t God.

From the very beginning of humanity, Satan has twisted God’s truths and blessings into carefully crafted lies designed to lure us away from the joy and peace we are meant to possess.

God’s word tells us we are fearfully and wonderfully made. God’s word is what He says. God is truth. He cannot deceive. Anything less than God’s word is contrary to what He desires for you.

Satan’s lies want us to believe that God is restrictive, that He doesn’t want us to have fun, and that He wants to control us. Or that He doesn't care about us.

Satan will do anything to shift the focus onto how we feel and away from the truth of what God is truly saying, of what God is building, or redeeming, and from what God has in store for us.

Once we let those lies fill our thoughts, they begin to dictate what we believe about ourselves and then they determine our actions. These actions affect what we allow into our lives, how we interact with others, and our walk with God.

It often happens before we even realize it.

But intentionally raising our awareness to the subtle ways these lies begin to take root will change the course of our future and our destiny, as well as the lives of those we love.

How do we do that? By being steadfast in reading and studying, then believing the truths and power behind God's word and promises.

Start intentionally recognizing the lies today in your life today. Lift them to God. Release them to the only One who can make true change. Experience His difference and craft a new beginning.

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