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Choose Blessings

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Have you ever started a day with big plans? Huge goals? Or even tiny steps toward something?

Then life happened. It became increasingly clear that those amazing things you scheduled were not going to happen.

Last week was like that for me. My girls got up early every single day. I got up earlier and earlier to be able to get things accomplished. So they got up earlier.

It seems they had their own things to do. They had big goals on their agenda, too. I knew that in the midst of what seemed inconvenient to me, God was working His plans.

Problems are opportunities to submit in need and trust.

The thing is, while I adore spending time with my girls, I was also trying to complete something I knew God was calling me to do. But His first requirement for me is to care for His children. It doesn’t mean that I have to be at their beck and call.

But it does mean that I am required to love them. Where they are and how they need it. When they need it. Loving them means I look for God working in unexpected ways.

We sometimes shut Him out by not recognizing or embracing our obstacles and interruptions as gifts.

Goals are important. But the gifts we have in front of us right now are present for a purpose. Yes, gifts. Obstacles and unexpected plans are gifts. We just do not view them that way yet.

We have to strike a balance. Maybe you’re not yet a parent. Or maybe you’re past the years of raising children. The same theory applies.

The plans we set are secondary to what God is designing for our lives.

He is the architect. We are the apprentices.

Opportunities are not convenient. Why should hardships or setbacks be?

Our mindset makes a difference.

I want the mind of Christ to rule the plans I set for my life.

Interruptions are what we make them. They will bless us or curse us.

I choose what God sees as blessings.

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