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Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Every day is a fresh opportunity to create the future you want to exist, but more importantly, to enjoy the moment you are living while doing it and giving praise to the Father who created each of us for a purpose.

I never set out to “do my life over.” In fact, I was pretty satisfied with it, but God had other plans. He knew desires in my heart that I never even realized existed there, because He set them in me when I was created.

What desires might need to be discovered in you? Maybe you want to re-create your life. Maybe you’re frustrated with the way you’ve handled things or with the way life has treated you. As long as you are still alive, you have the ability to seize the opportunity to begin again. Refuse to be a victim in your own life story. 

It’s easy for some to let the flow of life carry them along. It’s also easy for others to try to manage every second of their life, without ever stopping to discover whether they are fulfilling desires hidden deep within them or goals long forgotten.

Pause today. Let your heart dictate what you wish you could change about your life. What comes to mind? It takes a thought, then an action, to begin change. It’s harder to live in fear than in freedom. Listen to what God speaks to your heart. 

I seek the Lord in all I do. It doesn’t make life easy; sometimes it appears to make it harder. Usually, He guides me in the ways that fill my heart with the greatest blessings. Sometimes, I make mistakes. But I take it all to Him. He has given me peace and joy and carried me through enormous hardships. 

Step into the unknown. Take the risk of rectifying an act in your life or finding new freedom. Life is about growing and changing. A caterpillar cannot comprehend what he is missing or what he is about to become, until he leaves the comfortable world he knows, then experiences a great metamorphosis. 

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