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Advice From a Teen for Parents of Teens

My mom receives many questions from parents with teens, so I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to give you insight from one!

My name is Marissa, a model & the Co-Founder of Melane & Co., a business I run alongside my mom. Building a brand with my mom is a blessing, & you can listen to my thoughts about our partnership here.

My mom is one of my biggest supporters, business partner, & one of my best friends. We are very much alike, so much so that we typically say the same thing the same time. Many people have said our personalities & smiles are the same, & our sense of style is almost identical, as well. Although we are very much alike, we are not the same person, & even though we can usually read each other’s minds, we have to communicate, listen, & continue spending time together to ensure we are on the same page as a brand, in our mindsets, & especially for our mother/daughter relationship.

Which, leads me to the meaning of this blog post.

How to understand & grow a closer bond with a teen.

1. Keep Communicating

One of the best ways to keep a strong relationship with another person is to communicate. When words are left unsaid, it can be impossible for anyone else to understand expectations, intentions, emotions, and situations. In the same way that we must keep communication lines with Jesus to grow closer to Him, we also have to keep talking to our loved ones to build our relationships.

2. Listen

In many areas of our lives, we need someone to simply listen to us. Whether we need to talk, or we need someone to watch our actions, we need someone to listen as much as we communicate. Keep in mind that, sometimes, when your loved one seems frustrated or hurt, it does not necessarily mean that their actions are the result of something you did, but another struggle in their life. I believe this is especially expressed by people my age. That is why it is important to keep communication lines open, while also listening to one another.

3. Spend Time Together

If you want to communicate & listen with your loved one, you must spend time together. Take a walk together every other day, or go out once a week. Just spend time together. Remember, some teens need a little more time with someone before they begin to communicate, so keep being the supportive & wonderful parent you are.

4. Pray

Pray for your relationship to grow. Only Jesus fully knows your teen’s heart, so be specific with your requests, & keep believing you & your teen will grow together through Jesus.

I hope these pieces of insight from a teen for your teen to help you grow your relationship.

Blessings, Marissa


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