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Authentic Gratitude

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Appreciation fills me as I awaken each morning. I immediately go to the Lord in prayer, thanking Him for another day.In my prayers, I thank Him for the food I will eat that day, for the comfortable temperature of my home, the shelter I am in, my clothes, my family.

I ask Him to guide and time my day. Then I look for the many ways He answers.

But this morning was a perfect example of how God ministers to each of us so individually. Although I am truly grateful for all I have, the Lord knows where, when, and how to deepen my understanding and gratitude. His discernment probes my innermost thoughts and attitudes.

Our refrigerator has been out for a week. It was supposed to have been fixed yesterday, but the part is still not in. In the scheme of life, this is nothing. In our entitled lifestyle, this can feel like an inconvenience.

Although we have an extra refrigerator in our garage, it is a trek to get across the space and through the items littered within the area. Our garage gets very cold in the winter. I have a major intolerance to cold. Where most people may feel a little cold in frigid temperatures, I actually feel pain. Within a few minutes of being exposed to cold temperatures, my bones begin to hurt.

Since I have been working on my computer quite a bit more the last few months, my back has been causing some pain. As I went to the garage to get my breakfast this morning, I was reminded of so many ways I was blessed to have the difficulties.

We have an extra refrigerator, so we still have access to fresh foods. I already dress in layers in side the house and I was thankful to wear so many clothing items in the cold garage. I had on thick, wool-lined socks, but was able to slip into the shoes my husband had left out before I crossed the cold garage floor.

I didn’t see the shoes being out as a problem. My mind focused on the man who loves me so much.

Although it twisted my back and I felt shoots of pain as I reached in the refrigerator for food, I was able to feel the pain.

While juggling my food and struggling not to drop it before I made it back to the kitchen, my thanks were renewed at the fact that I had such a variety of items to eat. My fingers were freezing as I carried a jug of orange juice. I felt blessed that this refrigerator kept food so cold. I had not realized that my orange juice could taste so good.

Thank you, God, for the inconveniences that stop us.

Thank you for causing us to deepen our walk with You, our reliance on You, and our testimony of You.

So many struggle to live without shoes, food, and shelter. Many do not have loved ones to care about them. Yet we all have one thing in common. We can all have You.

We can choose to intentionally learn more of You and honor You daily.

Life can leave us struggling with doubts and questions. Or it can send us directly to You.

Mindset is a choice. Our attitude directly affects our gratitude.

Thank you, Father for minor inconveniences that center us in bigger ways.

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