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Lemons and Lemonade - Tithing for the Lord

Updated: Sep 3, 2023

Walking Beau in my neighborhood on a day with warm weather reminded me of how I used to set up lemonade stands in my driveway. I always had lemonade, cookies, and a smile ready. Lemonade stands will always hold a special place in my heart. They encouraged my entrepreneurial spirit, and connected me with sweet customers who kindly took time to notice and purchase from a young girl, enabling me to learn how to save enough to buy my next mall purchase, or special treat, but most importantly, those hot summer days outside my little old house encouraged my walk with Christ.

Tithing has, and always will be, an important way for me to give to God. After every business day (lemonade stands may not be a 9-5, but they felt just as important to me), I took at least 10 percent of my profits to church on Sundays. I learned that tithing was a way to show Christ everything we earn is from, and should be for Him.

My parents brought even more meaning into the act of tithing, because they gave to God, even in trying times. They have taught me that money is temporary, but glorifying God in our actions will strengthen our eternal relationship Him.

happy parents

As the years have gone by, there have been times where it felt as though tithing was simply routine, but as I am writing this, I am reminded that it is a form of worship, & a symbol of a small debt we owe to Him compared to His ultimate sacrifice.

girl who loves the Lord

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